Log cabins master – you can be one as well

“Doing something by yourself” and “budget” are very often used in the very same sentence, talking about the very same thing. Even more often it is used to explain why something fails. Why something wasn’t good enough, strong enough or reliable enough. And if you are trying to build a log cabin, you can’t risk for something to be unreliable or not strong enough? Why is that? It can collapse with people still inside of it. And nobody needs that. These wooden house have to be done right. So basically, there’s no option B? Whether you spend a lot of money or you are left with something risky to even be inside?

log cabins LT believes that there is something that can help you. That there is a way to build a log cabin on a budget and still get the best quality. We offer you interlocking log cabins – a simple, cheap and reliable option. We offer log cabins master experts could definitely approve.

We build them all out of the best quality Siberian timber – a material that was specially produced to be a perfect match for the best garden houses that are made to last. And oh yeah, these ones surely are made to stay strong and reliable for many years.

The interlocking system used in them not only makes sure they’re going to stand strong for many years, log cabins LT are all about quality. it also makes sure that it will be easy for you to build a log cabin. All by yourself. Without any special training and a big team to maintain. You can be a log cabins master yourself.

The designs of these log houses are very different but they all serve the same purpose – quality, quality and more different than that. However, you can choose from many different sizes: a simple log shed for casual storage and a big wooden house. It’s up for you to choose, it’s up to us to offer you the best designs, the best materials, build quality and information. Take a look around and see what catches your eyes. And it can be yours for a lower price than these “simple budget” options might turn out to be. This is a smart option any log cabins master would approve.

Bespoke Log Cabins can provide your luxury log home, holiday cabins, school activity room, clubhouse or garden studio – we aim to deliver an unmatched personal service and the best value. Our cabins and kit homes are made to order by our carefully selected suppliers with timber sourced from sustainable sources. Don’t compromise, contact us to discuss your project with no obligation.

We are happy to consider projects for large residential log cabins on multiple floors as well as smaller bespoke log cabin projects, from around 30 m², such as a small residential annexe.

We also supply mobile log cabins that comply with the Caravan Act, log cabins for schools and commercial premises.