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Eurodita Log Cabins has actually remained in this industry for over twenty years now and has continued to reveal sturdy growth, yearly. We delight in to be referred to as one of the premier developers and builders of the cabin throughout the globe. Eurodita was established in 1994 and have been taken into consideration leaders in the field of cabin construction since. After that, you merely can’t go previous Eurodita when you desire a log cabin. Market leaders in the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Italy, Sweden as well as several other nations throughout the globe.


Quality of the Products

Eurodita Log Cabins, manufacturer, supplier and deliverer of superior quality log cabins across Europe with free and any weather installation facility available. Eurodita designed log cabins made from premium quality Nordic Timber giving you 100% Quality assurance.


Wooden Garden Furniture vs. Plastic Furniture

Wooden Garden Furniture vs. Plastic Furniture

There are a number of materials that one can choose for their garden/outdoor furniture. Buyers usually look for garden furniture that has been designed to last, looks new and fresh for years, stays in its original condition even after being exposed to the elements outside and of course last but not the least, is easy to maintain. Now the trouble is that some materials are more durable while others have more ability to withstand the exposure to the environment better. So what should be a person’s choice at a time like this?

If you like to give your garden a warmer, more welcoming, casual and a natural look, then wooden garden furniture is one of the best choices that you can make. There are various wood types that you can choose from, including but not limited to cedar, pine, teak, redwood, oak and also eucalyptus. Hardwood is more durable as teak, shorea and jarrah have a life for about 50 years whereas redwood and roble last for about 25 years. We’d say wooden garden furniture is a better choice because plastic doesn’t last so long and even if it does, it tends to get cracked or looks old over time. Whereas if you choose wooden furniture and treat your wood with special oils and good quality sealants for maintenance, you will not only increase their lifespan but also their looks.

Another very good reason for having wooden furniture for your garden is the fact that wood doesn’t hold heat from the sun like metal and plastic and therefore it is ideal for places with warm climate or at least hot and sunny summers.

Although plastic might be the least expensive option available, it isn’t really a good choice because it doesn’t really last that long and most plastic qualities aren’t really sturdy. You will have to store it indoors to avoid fading and pitting and even then the furniture would show signs of wear and tear. Therefore the wooden garden furniture items are a more feasible and viable choice.



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